Tuesday, December 2, 2014

5 Easy ways to lower blood pressure

Blood pressure can be controlled naturally in 5 easy ways:

1. Garlic - Consume raw crushed garlic every morning on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. Use 1 or 2 medium sized garlic cloves, crush and let sit for about 10 minutes and then have it with water. It is best if nothing is consumed for at least half an hour later. Not only is this good for lowering blood pressure but it is also excellent for building immunity especially in the winter season.

2. Tomatoes - Consume at least 1 - 2 tomatoes everyday. You can have the juice or the pulp or even raw. Generally the bioavailability of nutrients is greater in processed tomatoes The lycopene in tomatoes helps in maintaining normal blood pressure.

3. Pepper - When consuming the tomatoes, sprinkle cayenne pepper or any other kind of pepper on them. Hot pepper help to ease blood flow.

4. Bananas - Have at least 1 - 2 bananas daily. The potassium in bananas which averages 400mg in each medium banana is very beneficial in lowering blood pressure.

5. Exercise daily - Blood flow and blood pressure remain normal with daily exercise which can be as simple as a 30 minute walk.

Please note that if you are already taking prescription blood pressure medication, do not stop using it suddenly. In conjunction with the advice of your physician, you may be able to slowly adjust the dosage of your regular blood pressure medicine.

In addition to the above 5 methods there are some other practices that can be adopted to regulate and normalize blood pressure:
  • Reduce salt intake and generally use sea salt or rock salt instead of regular processed white salt.
  • Give up smoking and drinking
  • Cut down on fried and processed foods. Incorporate more fresh vegetables into your diet.
  • Use relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, breathing exercises.
  • Certain herbs are well known in helping to maintain normal blood pressure.

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