Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Triphala benefits cleansing detoxification


Triphala for Colon Cleansing and Detoxification

Triphala is a pure herbal blend of 3 fruits in equal parts : Amalaki (Indian gooseberry), Vibhitaki (Belerica myrobalan) and Haritaki (Chebulic myrobalan). Each of these fruits are important ayurvedic medicines and possess properties that in combination make Triphala one of the most important ayurvedic formulations known.

The health benefits of Triphala are varied and numerous. Triphala's most important benefit is that of detoxification and cleansing. All the three constituents of Triphala are laxative and Triphala gently cleanses the colon without being habit forming or having any side effects. Using Triphala regularly causes toxins within the intestinal tract to be eliminated. Triphala also tonifies and regulates the functioning of the stomach and the colon. These benefits of Triphala make it very effective in Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS as well as Ulcerative Colitis.Triphala revitalizes metabolism and digestion while detoxifying and removing waste.

Triphala not only cleanses the digestive system but is also a blood purifier. Amla especially is known for its blood purifying properties. All three fruits also help in blood clotting and hasten the healing process. Triphala also reduces blood cholesterol.

Triphala is consumed in capsule, powder and liquid form. Being bitter in taste, it is easiest to take Triphala in capsule form.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ashwagandha herbal arthritis pain relief


Ashwagandha is probably the best known Ayurvedic herb for rejuvenation and stress relief. Ashwagandha means "smelling like a horse" in Sanskrit. This is because of two reasons. The first is that the Ashwagandha root literally smells like a horse and the second reason is that taking Ashwagandha gives one the strength of a horse.

The Ashwagandha root is found to contain cuseohygrine, anahygrine, tropine, and anaferine. It also contains glycosides, withenolide with starches and amino acid. Ashwagandha is anti-inflammatory and relieves stress. As per Ayurveda, it has Ushan Virya potency which suppresses pain. As arthritis is associated with inflammation and stress, Ashwagandha has been found to be extremely beneficial in cases of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout and sciatica. Ashwagandha being an adaptogenic herb, regulates the immune, hormonal and nervous systems.

There have been numerous studies on Ashwagandha. In one clinical study, 42 patients with osteoarthritis were randomly placed in two groups--one receiving ashwagandha, one a placebo. After three months, pain and disability were markedly reduced in the ashwagandha group

Research on Ashwagandha

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Osteoporosis alternative medicine Reosto

Osteoporosis affects over 20 million people in the USA alone. Bones become fragile and weak and can easily fracture. It can lead to spinal degeneration and humpback. Peak bone mass is achieved around 35 years of age and after this, bones lose density. Osteoporosis generally affects women more than men as their bones are thinner and lighter. Bone loss also accelerates after menopause so that most women lose 30-50% of their bone mass by age 65.
Generally intake of calcium supplements and estrogen hormone replacement therapy are used in cases of osteoporosis. However simply using calcium without sufficient absorption will not help. There are many countries where people consume less that 200mg of calcium per day and yet have a very low rate of osteoporosis. On the other hand Eskimo women have one of the highest rates of osteoporosis despite an intake of
over 2,000 mg of calcium per day. research has shown that lifelong use of these hormones helps to maintain bone strength, though it does not restore bone loss that has already occurred.

Also hormone replacement therapy does not restore lost bone mass in addition to increasing the risks of endometrial cancer and heart disease. Also once the therapy is stopped, calcium loss increases substantially. Also it has been shown that it is not just estrogen but progesterone that helps in calcium absorption.

Reosto is a unique herbal formula from the renowed Himalaya Herbals company. It helps build and maintain healthy bones. It improves the secretion of hormones like estrogen
and progesterone. It is also a natural source of easily absorbed calcium and Vitamin D

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shatavari - Fertility of a 100 Spouses


Shatavari is the premier Ayurvedic herb recommended for women. Known to be very effective in enhancing fertility, its name in Sanskrit literally means "a hundred spouses". Also known by its latin name of Asparagus racemosus, Shatavari is a climbing plant which grows in the low forests of India. It is mainly the roots of the plant that are used for medicinal purposes.
As per Ayurveda, Shatavari helps in balancing the "Pitta Dosha" as it is a natural coolant. It possesses sweet (madhura) and bitter (tikta) tastes (rasa). Shatavari's properties include being rejuvenative, aphrodisiac, galactogogue, antacid, demulcent, laxative, diuretic and antispasmodic.
Benefits of Shatavari:
1. It is the best known female rejuvenative.
2. It balances the female hormonal system.
3. Shatavari enhances fertility by nourishing the ovum and female reproductive organs. It builds blood, prepares the womb for conception and prevents miscarriage. It is also a post-partum tonic where it helps to normalize the changing hormones and increases lactation.
4. Shatavari is a sexual stimulant and increases libido.
5. Shatavari balances pH in the cervix and soothes dry membranes on the vaginal wall
6. Shatavari helps to relieve PMS symptoms such as pain and controls blood loss during menstruation and regulates ovulation.
7. It is used by nursing mothers to improve lactation.
8. It is useful in amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea and pelvic inflammatory diseases.
9. Since Shatavari increases estrogen levels it is very useful in overcoming menopausal symptoms and for those who have undergone hysterectomies.
10. Considered very useful in bronchitis and chronic fevers as it also soothes dry membranes in the upper respiratory tract.
11. Shatavari is also considered effective in hyperacidity, stomach ulcers and dysentery.
12. Shatavari is beneficial in improving male fertility as well and used in cases of sexual debility and low sperm count.
13. Shatavari is also said to promote positive, healing feeling or Sattva and calms negative emotions like anger and irritability.
14. In children, Shatavari is said to help in growth, weight gain and improving brain functions.
15. Studies have also shown that Shatavari also stimulates machrophages which are immune cells that help in destroying harmful organisms and cancer cells. As a result of its effect on machrophages, Shatavari helps treat candida.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Liv 52 Hepatitis Treatment research


There have been over 300 clinical studies conducted on Liv 52. Amongst the wide spectrum of liver diseases prevalent all over the world, incidence of Infective Hepatitis, Chronic Active Hepatitis and Cirrhosis of the Liver comprises a very large group. A study was conducted in the Department of Medicine, Medical College, Calcutta to determine the efficacy of Liv 52 by conducting a controlled trial in (i) Acute Infective (Viral) Hepatitis, (ii) Chronic Active Hepatitis and (iii) Cirrhosis of the Liver. 104 patients were included in the study. 73 patients were given Liv 52 while 31 patients belonged to a control group. In the Liv 52 group, 30 patients had Infective Hepatitis, 24 had Chronic Active hepatitis and 19 had cirrhosis. In the Control Group, 15 patients had Infective Hepatitis, 8 had Chronic Active hepatitis and 8 had cirrhosis
1.Symptomatic improvement was observed specially in respect of fever, anorexia, nausea, weakness, boneache, headache, insomnia, flatulence and epigastric pain earlier in Liv.52 Group than in Control Group. Disappearance of yellow coloration of urine and conjunctivae was also much earlier in Liv.52 Group than in Control Group. Similar improvement in physical signs like enlarged tender liver, jaundice etc. was observed in the Liv.52-treated cases.
2.Serum bilirubin became normal to near-normal within 2-3 weeks in majority of cases (73.33%) in Liv.52 Group.
3.It was observed that 21 out of 24 patients (87.5%) on Liv.52 showed total improvement in respect of SGOT/SGPT results in 12 months’ time, as against a slight improvement in 4 out of 8 cases of the Control Group during the same time. It was noteworthy that GOT/GPT reverted to normal in only 6 months’ time in 9 out of 24 patients (37.5%) in the Liv.52 Group against NIL in the Control Group.
4.At 9th and 12th months, 21 patients (87.5%) of the Liv.52 Group showed almost normal range of immunoglobulins with a slightly higher level of IgG, whereas in the Control Group, only 4 out of 8 (50%) patients showed a similar improvement. Nine cases (37.5%) in Liv.52 Group showed marked improvement in respect of regeneration and repair of liver cells in 6 months’ time, whereas none in the Control Group showed any significant improvement during the same period
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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Liv.52 / LiverCare approved herbal drug by Swiss FDA equivalent


Liv-52® also known as LiverCare® has been approved as a safe and effective drug by the "Intercantonal Office for the Control of Medicines," Switzerland's equivalent of the FDA. This is the world's first herbal remedy to be granted regulatory approval, thus proving its efficacy as a liver support medicine.

Liv.52 (LiverCare)was first introduced in 1955 by Himalaya Herbals and since then has become the world's most popular herbal medication for liver care and also one of the world's most widely sold medications. Since its introduction over 47 years ago, over 300 clinical studies have been conducted on Liv 52

Liv.52 (LiverCare) helps in detoxification and protecting the liver from damage including alcohol induced liver damage, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis as well as from medications, drugs and chemicals.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hemorrhoids Causing Pain And Bleeding? Treat Hemorrhoids And Piles Naturally

Almost everyone suffers from hemorrhoids at one point or the other. For most people this happens between ages 20 and 50. Hemorrhoids are the most common cause of bleeding and are not generally dangerous - however a diagnosis from your doctor is essential. Anal bleeding and pain should be evaluated as they could be symptoms of more serious conditions.
Hemorrhoids are basically varicose veins of the rectum. These veins are located in the lowest area of the rectum and anus and when they swell, the vein walls become thin and irritated by bowel movements. When these swollen veins itch, hurt and bleed, they are known are hemorrhoids or piles.

Hemorrhoids can be internal or external. Internal hemorrhoids are too far inside to be seen or felt and their presence can usually only be detected by the bleeding. However internal hemorrhoids can sometimes enlarge and bulge outside the anal sphincter. Such prolapsed hemorrhoids may be seen as moist pink pads of skin that are pinker than the surrounding area. These hemorrhoids can hurt but they usually go back into the rectum on their own or can be gently pushed back into place.

External hemorrhoids form within the anus and are generally painful. If an external hemorrhoid prolapses to the outside usually during a bowel movement, it can be seen and felt. Sometimes blood clots can form within a prolapsed external hemorrhoid causing it to turn blue and bleed. This condition is called thrombosis.

Natural remedies for Hemorrhoids:

1. Incorporate a high fiber diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains.
2. Reduce sodium intake as excessive salt causes fluid retention and consequently swelling in veins
3. Drink plenty of water.
4. If your work involves sitting for long periods of time, try to get up once every hour and move around for 5 minutes. A doughnut-shaped cushion will make sitting more comfortable.
5. Resist the temptation to scratch. Try using a cold pack and herbal anti-itch cream.
6. Don't sit on the toilet for more than 5 minutes at a time and wipe gently. Dampen toilet paper or use cotton balls or alcohol free baby wipes.
7. Try yoga exercises. You can also lie on a slant board with your head down for 15 minutes every day. Yoga encourages blood flow away from hemorrhoids.

Pilex from the renowned Himalaya Herbals company is a pure herbal, ayurvedic formulation that stops the pain, itching, burning and bleeding associated with hemorrhoids. Pilex reduces the engorgement and turgidity of the veins and venous capillaries and hastens the healing process in the anorectal region.

Pilex Ointment with its local analgesic action, relieves pain and the soothing action facilitates smooth evacuation of faeces