Thursday, April 30, 2009

Punarnava Boerhaavia diffusa | Herb for kidney health

Punarnava also known as Spreading hogweed (latin name: Boerhaavia diffusa), is a creeping vine whose roots, leaves and seeds are used in ayurvedic medicine. The name Punarnava literally means Renewal in Sanskrit.

A well known diuretic, Punarnava is used to treat renal problems, asthma, liver problems and ulcers. It helps in removing excess fluids from organs and is very useful in ascites and edema.

New research on mice has also shown Punarnava to increase immune response to cancer cells and melanomas. It enhances Natural Killer (NK) cell activity, antibody-dependent cellular Himalaya Punarnavacytotoxicity (ADCC) and antibody-dependent complement mediated cytotoxicity (ACC). At the same time it reduced pro-inflammatory cytokines.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reduce stress with meditation

Meditation is a technique that can provide instant stress relief. You can practise meditation during any activity that you are doing. It allows you to focus on the present, clear your mind of worrying thoughts, increase self awareness and even provide a fresh outlook on what might be causing you stress.

There are many illnesses that are stress related including hypertension, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, allergies, skin disorders, insomnia and depression. Practising meditation to relieve stress will prove beneficial in hastening the healing process from these illnesses as well.

There are no hard and fast rules for meditation. Meditation can be as simple as simply breathing slowly and deeply. Focus on every breath as you inhale and exhale. You can also meditate by slowly repeating a prayer or mantra. Read sacred texts of listen to relaxing music. Go walking and focus on the sights you see, sounds you hear. Walk slowly and focus on the movement of your legs and arms. Exercises such as yoga and tai-chi are also excellent ways to meditate.

You can meditate for a few minutes every day. It is natural for the mind to wander while meditating. When you find yourself thinking of other things slowly bring back your mind to focus on your meditation which could be an object, a movement, prayer or your own breathing. There are no right or wrong ways to meditate and it takes practise. The goal is simply to relax and melt away stress. Ashwagandha for stress relief

Ashwagandha herb helps to reduce stress and rejuvenate the mind and body.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oral Hypoglycemic agents | Diabetes management

Maintaining normal blood glucose levels in Type 2 Diabetes patients is a constant battle. Currently 5 types of oral agents are used in diabetes management which include sulfonylureas, meglitinides, biguanides, thiazolidinediones and alpha-glucosidase inhibitors. These medications are used to treat either one or more of Type 2 diabetes disorders which include insulin deficiency, insulin resistance and increased hepatic glucose output.

The first line of therapy for diabetes management is diet and exercise. When this alone is not sufficient in diabetes control, oral agents are prescribed. However there are downsides associated with almost all five classes of oral hypoglycemic agents (OHAs). Sulfonylureas can cause weight gain and hypoglycemia. The remaining four agents are all very expensive and have side effects such as gastro-intestinal side effects. Thiazolidinediones can cuase weight gain and liver toxicity.

It is often found that the use of a single OHA is not providing satisfactory results. Due to the onset of beta cell degeneration, there is the possibility that insulin therapy will be ultimately required.

Herbal formulations like Diabecon can be used as a valuable adjuvant in diabetes managementHimalaya Diabecon. It can be used in combination with OHAs. It is composed of herbs and minerals and acts somewhat like insulin. It maintains euglycemia and is also said to help repair beta cells. Some of the main herbs in Diabecon are Gymnema sylvestre, Pterocarpus marsupium, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Casearia esculenta, Asparagus racemosus, Commiphora wightii, Momordica charantia and Curcuma longa. It also contains minerals processed in herbal juices that are powerful cellular regenerators. Diabecon Tablets

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bacopa monnieri clinical studies | Brahmi and human memory

In a study in Australia 76 adults between 40-65 years were enrolled in a double-blind randomized, placebo control where memory functions and anxiety levels were measured. One testing session was before the trial, one after 3 months and one after 6 months. It was found that Bacopa monnieri also known as Brahmi had a significant effect on retained memory. Bacopa reduced the rate of forgetting new information. Verbal and visual short term memory and anxiety levels were also unaffected.

In another double-blind placebo-controlled study 107 healthy participants were included. Bacopa monnieri capsulesNeuropsychological testing using the Cognitive Drug Research cognitive assessment system was conducted at baseline and after 90 days of treatment with a special extract of Bacopa monnieri or placebo. It was found that he Bacopa monniera product significantly improved performance on the 'Working Memory' factor, more specifically spatial working memory accuracy. The number of false-positives recorded in the Rapid visual information processing task was also reduced for the Bacopa monniera group following the treatment period. The current study provides support for the two other published studies reporting cognitive enhancing effects in healthy humans after a 90 day administration of the Bacopa monnieri extract. Bacopa herb capsules

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Arjuna bark benefits | CoQ10 heart muscles | cholesterol

Arjuna bark powder has been found to contain CoenzymeQ10 or CoQ10. This is very important in metabolizing cellular energy. CoQ10 is most concentrated in healthy heart muscle tissues which supports the continuous pumping action of the heart. Coenzyme Q10 is also an effective antioxidant in the circulatory system

Arjuna bark also has been found to contain triterpenoid saponins, arjunic acids, triterpene glycoside, arjunetoside, oleanolic acids, and a cardenolide.

Arjuna has a marked stimulant effect on the heart and has been used by Ayurvedic practitioners for centuries to improve heart health, relieve hypertension, dropsy, nervousness and other heart related problems.

The Indian Central Council for Research on Ayurveda and Siddha, citing 20 studies, reported that arjuna bark is valuable in treating angina pectoris, hypercholesterolemia, cardiac artery disease (CAD), and hypertension (Pandley et al., eds, 1996; Dwivedi and Jauhari, 1997).
Terminalia Arjuna
A 2001 study in Jaipur, India compared the heart health benefits of arjuna tree bark with Vitamin E. 105 patients with heart disease were divided into 3 groups: Placebo, Vitamin E and finely pulverized bark powder. After the month long study, No significant changes were found in the placebo or Vitamin E groups for total, HDL and LDL cholesterol levels. In the Arjuna bark group, however, total and LDL cholesterol were significantly reduced. Researchers concluded that Terminalia arjuna tree bark powder proved to have a significant cholesterol lowering effect (The Journal of the Association of Physicians of India (49:231-5, 2001).
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pilex treats hemorrhoids without surgery

Hemorrhoids also called piles or haemorrhoids can be a very painful condition. They occur when veins in the rectum or anus get swollen. Itching, pain and bleeding can result especially during bowel movements.
Most hemorrhoids do not require surgery. Hemroids can be treated with herbal remedies such as Pilex from Himalaya Herbals. Pilex is composed of various herbs such as Neem, Triphala, Himalaya Pilex tabletsOrchid tree, Mesua ferrea and the exalted Shilajit (mineral pitch obtained from the Himalaya mountains). These herbs and minerals in combination act to relieve inflammation, reduce the hemorrhoid size, relieve itching and pain. Various clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of Pilex in curing hemorrhoids and providing relief to patients without any need for surgery.

Pilex is available as tablets to be taken twice a day with meals. Pilex works best when used in conjuction with Pilex gel which quickly relieves pain, itching and bleeding topically.

Himalaya Pilex has been formulated according to Ayurvedic principles with herbs knowTry Pilex tabletsn to treat piles and hemorrhoids. Pilex has been shown to work well for both external and internal hemorrhoids. There are no side effects since it is an all herbal remedy.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kidney urinary stones | Alternative treatment of urolithiasis

The kidneys are responsible for filtering waste and adding them to the urine that the kidneys produce. Sometimes urine does not completely dissolve these waste products resulting in the formation of microscopic crystals which eventually form kidney stones. If these stones pass into the ureter and get stuck, there is severe pain beginning from the lower back and spreading to the groin.

Urine contains chemicals such as citrate and magnesium which are designed to dissolve stones. However if there are insufficient levels of these chemicals especially citrate, kidney stones can result.

Kidney stones can also form due to high levels of urinary calcium, urinary oxalate, uric acid, or insufficient water flowing through the kidneys.

Men are 3 times more likely to have kidney stones than women and they usually occur between ages 30-45. It has also been found that people living near large bodies of water or who have parents or siblings with urolithiasis tend to be more prone to getting kidney stones.
Cystone for kidney stones
Cystone from Himalaya Herbals is a formulation of herbs and mineral designed to break up crystals and stones. It also prevents stone formation by keeping calcium crystals dissolved. It relieves pain and burning urination and maintains the overall health of the urinary tract. Buy cystone

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Diabetes and beta cells | Regeneration of beta cells

Research has shown that in type 2 diabetes, especially in obesity-linked diabetes, the beta cells of the pancreas are not able to produce adequate insulin for the body's needs. This arises partially due to decreased beta-cell mass. In adults, pancreatic beta-cell mass in adults is subject to several factors such as beta-cell replication, neogenesis, hypertrophy, and survival. Loss of beta-cell mass in addition to beta cell dysfunction is a major factor in the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Diabecon a herbal formulation of herbs such as Gymnema sylvestre, Momordica charantia, Diabecon tabletsPterocarpus marsupium, Commiphora wightii, Tinospora cordifolia, Boerhaavia diffusa and others, helps to regenerate beta-cells especially in the pancreas and to protect them from oxidative damage. Diabecon also increases the c-peptide level. Diabecon acts like insulin and is useful for both newly diagnosed patients as well as patients who are already taking oral hypoglycaemic agents.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Herbal toothpaste for oral health

Everyone loves a beautiful smile. Teeth, gums, tongue, salivary glands and your whole mouth require good oral health to produce that smile.

Teeth are made of several layers including the topmost enamel, dentin which lies beneath the enamel, pulp the soft tissue and cementum which holds the tooth to the jaw. The gums or gingivae surround the teeth and holds them in place. If gums become red or swollen they may be infected. Brushing teeth twice daily with a good toothpaste and flossing at least once before bed will help keeps plaque, tartar and bacteria at bay.

The tongue's upper surface contains pappilae which are like small bumps as well as taste buds which give the sensation of taste. It is important to also brush the tongue as food particles can stick to it as well.

Brush with a soft toothbrush at least twice a day. Change your toothbrush every three months. Use a good herbal toothpaste that helps to prevent bacteria and tooth decay. Himalaya Herbal toothpaste

Himalaya Herbals toothpaste contains ayurvedic herbs that are designed to prevent tooth decay, bacteria and is highly effective against gingivitisBuy Himalaya Herbal toothpaste

Friday, April 17, 2009

Himplasia for BPH | Herbal BPH treatment

BPH or Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a condition that affects most men over 40. Himplasia for BPH
This is a condition where the prostate enlarges to the point where it eventually causes obstruction in urine flow and harms sexual health.

Himplasia is a formulation of herbs which are validated by modern research along with being known for their traditional ayurvedic use. The combination of herbs such as Tribulus terrestris, Bonduc nut, Areca catechu, asparagus racemosa and others help to relieve inflammation, improve urination, reduce the volume and weight of an enlarged prostate. They also have aphrodisiacal properties and help protect the heart and reduce palpitations.

Clinical studies have shown that administration of Himplasia showed rapid effective results and was completely safe. In a study of 30 men, average prostate weight went down from 34.87g to 21.22g - an almost 70% reduction, while average prostate size reduced from Buy Himplasia online69.81cc to 63.66cc - an almost 22% reduction. Urine retention also dramatically decreased by more than 45%.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Improve blood circulation | Natural herbal remedies

Proper blood circulation is vital to health. Blood carries oxygen and other nutrients needed by the body. Poor blood circulation can cause disorders in almost every organ of the body and lead to illnesses such as heart attacks, kidney and liver problems, poor brain function, diabetes and others. Poor blood circulation also adversely affects reproductive health.

Blood circulation can be improved effectively by natural remedies:

1. Exercise - Regular physical exercise is a must for blood circulation. Aerobic exercises get the heart pumping allowing it to push blood to all the bodies extremities. Even stretching exercises like yoga and tai-chi and low impact exercises like walking and swimming are extremely beneficial. Physical activity helps to improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure.

2. Diet - Avoid products with high sugar levels and high cholesterol. Cholesterol chokes arteries causing blood flow to slow down. Eat healthy nutritious foods and in a quantity equal to the amount of energy you expend. This prevents obesity and high blood pressure. Include sufficient quantities of water to your diet. This helps to flush and detoxify your system

3. Lifestyle changes - Smoking is very detrimental to blood circulation. Carbon monoxide from smoking or second-hand smoke damages blood cells, allowing fats and plaque to stick to blood vessel walls. Give up smoking to improve blood circulation. Losing weight will also help ease blood pressure and blood circulation problems.

4. Herbal supplements - Herbs such as Arjuna and Guggul are very well known in Ayurveda thAbana for blood circulationat improve blood circulation, lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Herbs such as Gingko biloba, garlic and cayenne pepper are also known to improve blood circulation.
Abana is a natural herbal supplement that contains Arjuna, Guggul and 40 other herbs and minerals formulated according to ayurvedic principles to Buy Abana tabletsimprove blood circulation, cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels. In addition it works as a cardio-protective. Read more on Abana, its ingredients and action

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Skin care herbs | Herbal remedies for healthy beautiful skin

In ayurvedic medicine care for any organ starts by detoxification and purification. The skin which is our largest organ similarly needs to be taken care. Our skin is the first defence of our body and has various very important functions such as
  • Regulating body temperature.
  • Preventing loss of essential body fluids, and penetration of toxic substances.
  • Protecting the body from harmful effects of the sun and radiation.
  • Removing toxic substances through perspiration.
  • Provides structure.
  • Immunological function through Langerhans cells.
  • Provides sensations of touch, heat, cold, socio-sexual and emotional sensations.
  • Synthesizing Vitamin D synthesis under the effect of sunlight

    Some herbs are considered premier herbs for skin care. These herbs help to detoxify and purify the blood, get rid of bacteria and build the skin's defences against radiation and pollution. By taking care of skin these herbs are also known to make the skin soft, supple and impart it with a natural glow. No wonder they are used in almost all herbal cosmetic products.
  • Turmeric is well known for skin care, both as a topical application and by consumption. Turmeric skin care herbTurmeric is now being researched for its properties in being able to prevent skin cancer.

    Neem skin care herb
  • Neem is a herb that helps to rid the body of toxins and is very useful in skin disorders

  • Amla / Amalaki is another herb that is excellent for internal and external skin care
    Amalaki skin care herb

  • Purim is an ayurvedic formulation containing all of the above herbs as well as several others designed to take optimum care of skin. It is very effective in getting rid of skin problems such as acne, dermatitis and rosacea.

  • Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Prevent osteoporosis strengthen bones

    Osteoporosis is a condition where bones become weak and can easily break. It is more common in women than in men especially during pre and post menopause. However women start losing bone mass generally around 30 years of age and are at risk of osteoporosis.

    It is never too early to take measures to prevent osteoporosis and strengthen bones.

    1. Get adequate amounts of calcium either from supplements or from dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, calcium fortified orange juice and broccoli. Women aged 19-50 years need 1000mg of calcium while women over 50 need 1200 mg of calcium.

    2. Exercise - In a recent experiment it was shown that when kids jump 5 times, three times a day, they built 3.2 percent more bone mass in the hip region of the body than the other children who did not jump. That could be enough to postpone, or even prevent, osteoporosis later in life. Women should do weight bearing exercises such as climb stairs, yoga, tai-chi, walk.
    prevent bone loss with Reosto
    3. Get plenty of vitamin D either from foods like milk, egg yolk, salmon or from sunlight. Vitamin D helps in calcium absorption

    4. Quit smoking and drink alcohol in moderation

    5. Herbal supplements such as Reosto which contain various ayurvedic herbs and sources of natural calcium have also been shown to prevent and actually reverse bone loss. purchase REOSTO

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    Turmeric for skin care

    Turmeric is a herb well known for its skin care properties. Turmeric powder added to grampure turmeric capsules flour, honey and a spoonful of yogurt makes an excellent skin face mask. Turmeric is said to make the skin glow, even out blemishes and make it soft and supple. Turmeric is also excellent for acne and rashes.

    Turmeric is also a natural antiseptic and is used in a number of face creams and antiseptic creams to prevent and treat skin infections.

    In addition to its topical applications, when consumed, turmeric helps overcome skin problems even better by purifying the blood. In fact recent research indicates that the ingredient curcumin in turmeric even kills melanoma cells while leaving healthy skin cells intact. This is a major benefit in the fight against skin cancer. Curcumin also helps to protect the skin from burns and blisters that occur from radiotherapy.Vicco Turmeric cream

    Friday, April 10, 2009

    Foods that lower cholesterol

    Here is a list of foods that are known to reduce cholesterol

    1. Herbs such as Guggul and Turmeric - Guggul is said to be the most powerful cholesterol pure Guggul capsuleslowering herb. Turmeric lowers levels of low-density lipoprotein and total cholesterol in the blood.

    2. Oatmeal, oat brain, whole grains

    3. Nuts such as walnuts, pistachios, almonds, hazelnut

    4. Fresh berries such as blackberries, red raspberries, cherries, blueberries and strawberries

    5. Fruits such as apples

    6. Oils such as cod liver oils, flaxseed oil, olive oil, linseed oil

    7. Spirulina which is high in essential fatty acids and linoleic acids has also been scientifically pure turmeric capsulesproven to reduce cholesterol

    8. Fish like salmon, makerel, trout and herring which are high in omega 3 fatty acids

    9. Beans and legumes

    Thursday, April 9, 2009

    Vegetable proteins lower blood pressure

    Hypertension or high blood pressure affects more than 600 million people all over the world and causes more than 7 million deaths. Several studies including one that covered over 4000 people in the US, UK, China and Japan have shown that vegetable proteins help to lower blood pressure. vegetable protein spirulinaThe amino acids of a diet rich in vegetable proteins are different from those found in meat proteins and it was found that the higher a person's vegetable protein intake, the lower was the blood pressure.

    Vegetable proteins can easily be obtained from a number of sources including legumes, split peas, beans, soy and seitan. The highest content of a complete protein is found in Spirulina. This is a blue-green algae which provides upto 71% of protein - far higher than any meat or other plant product. Spirulina also contains large amounts of other nutrients leading many to call it a superfood.

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    Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    Ways to increase female fertility

    Here are some natural ways to increase fertility in women:

    1. Avoid stress
    2. Avoid alcohol Shatavari for female fertility
    3. Avoid smoking
    4. Eat a balanced diet. Include lots of green vegetables.
    5. Lose weight if you are overweight. Gain weight if you are underweight
    6. Take ice cream and whole fat milk
    7. Take Green tea
    8. Avoid coffee and other sources of caffeine
    9. Exercise daily
    10. Check any medications you are taking which may reduce fertility
    11. Take a B vitamin supplement with folate
    12. Herbs such as Shatavari are useful in balancing hormones and Buy Shatavariregularizing ovulation