Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Skin care herbs | Herbal remedies for healthy beautiful skin

In ayurvedic medicine care for any organ starts by detoxification and purification. The skin which is our largest organ similarly needs to be taken care. Our skin is the first defence of our body and has various very important functions such as
  • Regulating body temperature.
  • Preventing loss of essential body fluids, and penetration of toxic substances.
  • Protecting the body from harmful effects of the sun and radiation.
  • Removing toxic substances through perspiration.
  • Provides structure.
  • Immunological function through Langerhans cells.
  • Provides sensations of touch, heat, cold, socio-sexual and emotional sensations.
  • Synthesizing Vitamin D synthesis under the effect of sunlight

    Some herbs are considered premier herbs for skin care. These herbs help to detoxify and purify the blood, get rid of bacteria and build the skin's defences against radiation and pollution. By taking care of skin these herbs are also known to make the skin soft, supple and impart it with a natural glow. No wonder they are used in almost all herbal cosmetic products.
  • Turmeric is well known for skin care, both as a topical application and by consumption. Turmeric skin care herbTurmeric is now being researched for its properties in being able to prevent skin cancer.

    Neem skin care herb
  • Neem is a herb that helps to rid the body of toxins and is very useful in skin disorders

  • Amla / Amalaki is another herb that is excellent for internal and external skin care
    Amalaki skin care herb

  • Purim is an ayurvedic formulation containing all of the above herbs as well as several others designed to take optimum care of skin. It is very effective in getting rid of skin problems such as acne, dermatitis and rosacea.

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