Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kidney urinary stones | Alternative treatment of urolithiasis

The kidneys are responsible for filtering waste and adding them to the urine that the kidneys produce. Sometimes urine does not completely dissolve these waste products resulting in the formation of microscopic crystals which eventually form kidney stones. If these stones pass into the ureter and get stuck, there is severe pain beginning from the lower back and spreading to the groin.

Urine contains chemicals such as citrate and magnesium which are designed to dissolve stones. However if there are insufficient levels of these chemicals especially citrate, kidney stones can result.

Kidney stones can also form due to high levels of urinary calcium, urinary oxalate, uric acid, or insufficient water flowing through the kidneys.

Men are 3 times more likely to have kidney stones than women and they usually occur between ages 30-45. It has also been found that people living near large bodies of water or who have parents or siblings with urolithiasis tend to be more prone to getting kidney stones.
Cystone for kidney stones
Cystone from Himalaya Herbals is a formulation of herbs and mineral designed to break up crystals and stones. It also prevents stone formation by keeping calcium crystals dissolved. It relieves pain and burning urination and maintains the overall health of the urinary tract. Buy cystone

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