Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Liv.52 for liver detoxification

Liv.52 is a combination of herbs that helps to effectively detoxify the liver. By removing toxins from the liver, it helps the liver to function better and to allow liver cells to regenerate.

Alcohol, certain prescription medicines, viral hepatitis and high blood sugar are some of the major causes of liver damage.

Since Liv.52 helps to quickly remove acetaldehyde - a toxin released when alcohol is processed in the body, it is useful in cases of liver damage caused by alcohol. It also improves fat metabolism in the liver in cases of chronic alcoholism and fatty liver.

In India, Liv 52 is generally recommended when antibiotics are prescribed in order to protect the liver and to help it heal faster after the medicine course is completed.

Liv.52 is also useful for patients recovering from illnesses as it helps improve food absorption and appetite.

Liv.52 Tablets
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