Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Weight Loss - Easy ways t0 lose weight naturally

Weight Loss - Easy Ways you can lose weight naturally

1. Portions - Portion control is possibly one of the most effective ways to lose
weight fast and without frustration. Reduce your portions - just eat half of what
is on your plate, either at home or in a restaurant and keep the remainder for
next time.

2. Go meatless - Take meat off the menu for a few meals during the week.
Substitute with soy proteins or legumes or kidney beans. Even mushrooms like
portobello are great burger substitutes. Try veggie burgers and falafel.

3. Spicy food - Spiking your food with spices not only makes them tastier but
healthier as well. Furthermore spices like hot peppers have been shown to raise
the metabolic rate by almost 50% for a few hours after meals.

4. Everyday exercise - Take the stairs whenever possible. Park your car furthest from the store. Take a walk to the water cooler once every hour (you'll also get 8 cups of water that way!). Stretch whenever possible - whether standing or sitting. Even standing straight for 5-10 minutes against the wall helps.

5. Drink water - Drinking adequate water helps to detoxify the body, encourages metabolism and also keeps hunger pangs at bay.

6. Alternative dinners - Try having cereal & milk for dinner ...or pita &
hummus...or fruit & yogurt or a big meatless salad. Anything that is light yet

7. Herbal Supplements - Try herbal ayurvedic supplements that have no side effects
like Ayurslim. It is a totally herbal composition of herbs like Garcinia, Gymnema,
Guggul, Haritaki, Medhika - all proven fat burning, cholesterol lowering & glucose
metabolizing agents.

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