Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Neem benefits Neem for blood purification

Benefits of Neem

The Neem tree also known as Margosa (Azhadiracta indica) has numerous medical properties and benefits causing western companies to attempt to get patents on it. The leaves, bark, fruit, seeds - in fact almost every component of the tree is used for medicinal purposes in traditional remedies and several modern formulations such as toothpaste and skin creams.

Benefits of Neem:

Neem capsules1. Neem is considered an excellent blood purifier.
2. Neem applied topically to the skin helps treat acne and gets rid of infections.
3. Neem gets rid of instestinal worms.
4. Neem is a detoxifying agent.
5. Neem is a digestive aid and helps in hyperacidity and gastritis.
6. A paste made from neem leaves is soothing and is applied during chicken pox which soothes itching and helps heal the scars.
7. Neem is very useful in diabetes control.
8. Neem has also been used in treating malaria.
9. Neem helps in strengthening the immune system

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