Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boswellia Benefits | Other Benefits of Boswellia

Yesterday we talked about Boswellia's well known benefits in joint care and joint pain relief. However Boswellia or Shallaki as it is known in Sanskrit, is attributed with several other benefits as well.

In Ayurveda, Boswellia is classified as part of the Guggal group all of which are gum resins - an important one being Guggul. In fact Boswellia is also known as salai guggul or guggul's cousin. This group of herbs has a wide range of benefits.

Boswellia benefits

  • Boswellia's most important benefit is its ability to relieve joint pain and reduce inflammation

  • Boswellia also helps to lower cholesterol and tri-glyceride levels.

  • Boswellia in conjuction with Ashwagandha is very useful in osteoarthritis and arthritis pain relief as Ashwagandha helps in stress relief and is a rejuvenator and anti-inflammatory

  • Boswellia is helpful in treating colitis and inflammatory bowel disease.

  • Boswellia has also been proven beneficial in Crohn's Disease

  • Studies are also being conducted which shows boswellia's benefits in cancer and leukemia treatments.Pure Boswellia herbal capsulesBoswellia capsules
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