Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Diabecon for diabetes control | Glucocare by Himalaya Herbals

Diabecon for Diabetes Control

Himalaya Herbals Diabecon also known as Glucocare is composed of 33 herbs Himalaya Diabeconand minerals in an ayurvedic formulation designed to provide natural diabetes control. Diabecon works by acting like insulin and promoting sugar utilization in the body. Some of the main herb ingredients in Diabecon are Gymnema (Meshashringi) and Guggul both of which are well known ayurvedic herbs for diabetes and lipid control. It also contains extracts of the Indian Kino Tree whose heartwood has a hypoglycemic action on account of preventing glucose absorption in the intestine. Diabecon also contains licorice and shilajit.

Click here for a complete list of ingredients in Diabecon Diabecon for Diabetes

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