Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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Amla is a round golden fruit. The amla tree grows wild and is also cultivated throughout India. Almost every part of the fruit and tree are used for medicinal purposes - in fact in the ayurvedic system of medicine, amla is said to have properties close to heavenly nectar and considered one of the most potent of herbs. It is a primary constituent of several important preparations such as Triphala. On its own the Amla fruit has significant nourishing and rejuvenative properties.

Pure Himalaya amla capsulesThe amla fruit and fruit extract is considered excellent for treating respiratory ailments and infections. Amla taken internally and applied as a powder is very beneficial to the skin and hair. Not only does it work as an anti-oxidant but it is also a rejuvenative. It prevents premature wrinkling and ageing of the skin and graying of hair.

Recent research has shown amla to be beneficial in cancer inhibition. It has also been shown to be useful in preventing cataracts in diabetic patients.

Amla is a powerful detoxifying agent and is a natural digestive aid and laxative. It is one of the three herbal ingredients of Triphala / Trifala that is a cornerstone of ayurvedic medicine.

Amla can be consumed as the fruit itself. Amla extract is also available in capsules. The fruit is very sour and is used pickled in India. It is also dried and in this form it is excellent for digestion and preventing indigestion, heart burn and nausea. Amla fruit is also dried and powdered for application to the skin as an astringent and skin toner. amla powder for skin and hairAmla powder is also used to in conjuction with Shikakai powder and Henna Powder which is excellent for cleansing and conditioning the hair. Amla oil is also considered very nourishing for the hair. purchase amla online

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