Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gymnema sylvestre research | gymnema benefits

Gymnema sylvestre has been the subject of several research studies. Gymnema has the unique ability to suppress sugar craving in the taste buds as well as block absorption of sugar molecules in the intestine. The atomic structure of gymnemic acid molecules are similar to glucose Gymnema capsulesmolecules so when they fill taste bud receptors or intestine receptors, glucose molecules are unable to get entry.

Gymnema sylvestre leaves contain oleanane and dammarene saponins. While it is not absolutely clear how gymnema works, it is thought to be these saponins that are primarily responsible for gymnema's action. Gymnema not only helps to maintain normal blood sugar but has also shown very positive effects in lowering weight as well as cholesterol levels.

Recently research was published in the Journal of Integrated Plant Biology which stated that two new oleanane-type triterpenoid saponins, gymnemoside-W1 and W2, together with seven known compounds were isolated from the leaves of Gymnema sylvestre R. Br. The EtOH/H(2)O extracts of this plant were shown to be able to inhibit glucose absorption in rats.

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