Friday, May 22, 2009

Fertility diet | Foods that increase fertility

If you are trying to conceive, making changes in your diet can help. It is important to note that if trying to get pregnant, going on a restrictive diet to lose weight can hurt your chances. On the other hand obesity and weight gain have also been known to reduce fertility. The key is to eat right and maintain an optimum weight. Here are some foods that are said to improve fertility:

1. Broccoli, Spinach, Kale and other green leafy and cruciferous vegetables provide folate and Vitamin B which are considered very useful in improving fertility. Moreover for women who are planning to conceive, it is important to include enough folate in your diet to prevent certain birth defects

2. Include items such as nuts, Olive oil and wheat germ in your diet. These contain high amounts of Vitamin E and improve male and female fertility

3. Men should get at least 15mg of zinc daily. Oysters also known as an aphrodisiac contain large amounts of zinc and can improve fertility

4. It has been shown that women who opt for whole fat milk, ice cream and other dairy products increase their chances of conceiving as opposed to women who consumed low fat dairy. However there is no need to consume large amounts of ice-cream as that can increase weight and again hurt your chances

5. For men with low sperm count and problems with sperm quality or motility, Speman is an ideal herbal supplement. It contains herbs such as Orchis mascula, tribulus terrestris, hygrophilia auriculata and mucuna pruriens that help to increase sperm count, quality and motility. It also helps in problems of erectile dysfunction and ejaculation

6. Shatavari is the ideal herb for women. It contains phytoestrogens that help in ovulation and regulating hormones. Shatavari is also said to be a nourishing herb for the female reproductive organs.

7. Both men and women should get sufficient calcium from dairy. Vitamin D from the sun or supplements is also essential.

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