Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Purim Geriforte Eczema Psoriasis treatment

One of our customers has informed us of her experience using a couple of Himalaya products. She had been suffering from eczema on her feet for 20 years. Previously she had tried cortisone tape which gave quick relief but the effects were short lived. She also tried homeopathic treatment for some time but without much benefit.

She decided to try herbal therapies and started taking Purim tablets along with Geriforte. She took 2 Purim tablets and 1 Geriforte tablet with meals daily. After two months, her skin has lost its scaliness and has become almost smooth. The itching has also almost disappeared.

Purim is an excellent blood purifier and detoxicant. It comprised of various herbs including turmeric, neem, triphala and others and is extremely beneficial in skin disorders. Geriforte works well in conjunction with Purim especially for conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It helps in cell regeneration and stress relief - which sometimes is a prime culprit in skin conditions.

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  1. is any side effects to geriforte by taking one tab. trice a day for long time kindly mail me

  2. Can Purim and Geriforte be used during pregnancy?