Thursday, July 22, 2010

Herbal under eye cream | Herbally reduce and prevent wrinkles under eyes

The area under the eyes is very delicate and may be the first part of the face to start showing wrinkles. This area of the facial skin does not have as many oil glands as other parts and thereby tends to dry up sooner causing fine lines and wrinkles. Dark circles and puffiness are other Herbal Under Eye Creamsymptoms of under eye skin problems.

You can take steps to protect your under eye skin.
1. Wear sunglasses that provide adequate protection
2. Try and get plenty of rest
3. Drink plenty of water
4. Diets that completely cut out fat may cause wrinkles so be sure to include some essential fatty acids in your diet.
5. Apply a good under eye cream to moisturize and protect. A regular skin Buy Himalaya Under Eye Creamcream may not be the best as it can cause excess oil buildup and aggravate puffiness.

A herbal under eye cream such as Himalaya Under Eye Cream can help to protect your under eye area. This herbal under eye cream is a blend of herbs such as Cipadessa baccifera, Bergenia ligulata and Triticum vulgare. These help to revitalize and nourish the skin reducing dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. Visible results can be seen in 4 weeks.

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