Friday, March 27, 2009

Herbal hair care | Herbs for hair | Natural herbal treatment

A full healthy head of hair is something we all aspire to. However the quality and quantity of hair starts to deteriorate as we age and our hair gets subjected to detrimental environmental factors such as the sun's rays, hot or cold weather, toxins, pollution, as well as damage and neglect that we ourselves inflict.

All is not lost however. There are many simple at home herbal remedies that we can treat our hair and scalp to and bring back the bounce and shine.
Herbal Protein shampoo

  • Cleansing - Use natural herbal cleansers such as Shikakai.
    Himalaya Herbal protein shampoos containing hair healthy herbs such as Shikakai, fenugreek, ushira, musk root and soapnut are also excellent as these herbs not only cleanse but provide natural proteins that promote hair growth

  • Conditioning - Before cleansing your hair, it is important to condition. Apply olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil to your scalp and hair and gently but thoroughly massage the oil in with your fingertips. Leave in the oil for at least 3-4 hours and then shampoo. You can also add herbs such as amla and henna to your hair while cleansing to further condition it.
  • Herbal hair loss cream

  • Drying - Towel dry or air dry your hair. Hair gets exceedingly damaged by hot dry air from hair blowers.

  • Protection - Wear a cap when going out to protect your hair and scalp from pollution and the sun's rays.Buy hair loss cream
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