Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prevent heart attacks | Heart disease natural treatment

Heart attacks and heart disease can be prevented and even reversed with natural treatments. The following simple measures can be taken to prevent and treat heart disease:

  • Stop smoking: Doctors have indicated that within 2 years of giving up smoking your risk of heart disease will be the same as non-smokers.
  • Exercise: It has been shown that women who walk at 3mph or faster at least 3 hours a week and men who walk for at least 1 1/2 miles a day significantly reduce their risk of heart disease.
  • Chronic stress raises homocysteine levels that raises the risk of heart disease. Relax with exercise and yoga to prevent heart attacks
  • Heart healthy foods: Avoid red meat, high fat dairy products and foods containing saturated fat. Incorporate green leafy vegetables, fish, nuts, orange juice, a small amount of dark chocolate and guacomole in your diet.
  • The herb Arjuna is well known in Ayurvedic medicine as a healer of the heart. Arjuna's various heart healthy benefits include strengthening the heart muscles, reducing high blood pressure Himalaya Abana for heart healthand normalizing cholesterol levels.

    Abana a herbal ayurvedic formulation includes Arjuna as a main ingredient along with 40 other heart healthy herbs and minerals. It acts as a cardio-protective, improves in blood circulation, helps to reduce hypertension, lowers cholesterol and prevents blood clotting. Taken as a daily health supplement it helps to prevent and reverse heart disease.Abana tablets
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