Friday, April 23, 2010

Bacopa monnieri and epilepsy research

The effect of Bacopa monnieri and its active component Bacoside A on epileptic rats was published in the journal Epilepsy Behavior. 2010 Feb. Epileptic rats exhibited loss in motor skills and also alterations of GABA receptors which aid in neurotransmission. Compared to normal rats, the rats with epilepsy were unable to perform tasks such as finding their way in a maze.

On being treated with Bacopa monnieri, the behaviour of the rats became almost normal. These results suggest that deficit in memory, motor skills and changes in GABAergic activity, are induced by the occurrence of repetitive seizures. Treatment with Bacopa monnieri and bacoside A prevents the occurrence of seizures thereby reducing the impairment of GABAergic activity, motor learning, and memory deficit. Bacopa effect on epilepsyPure Bacopa monnieri capsules

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