Friday, April 30, 2010

Vaginitis herbal remedy | Vaginal infection alternative treatment

Vaginal infection, soreness or inflammation is referred to a vaginitis. Symptoms include itching, irritation and abnormal vaginal discharge. Depending on the infection, the discharge may or may not have an odor.

The infection may be caused due to overgrowth of yeast or candida which is very common among women of reproductive age, bacterial infections, sexually transmitted disease or due to practices such as douching, allergic reactions to soaps and other products.

A vaginal gel manufactured by the Himalaya Herbals company contains various soothing healinHimalaya Vgel herbal vaginitis remedyg herbs that help to treat vaginal infections. In one study published in the Indian Journal of Clinical Practice (2002), 38 women diagnosed with vaginitis were asked to use V-Gel twice daily for two weeks. After 7 days of treatment, symptoms of soreness, itching and discharge was significantly reduced. After 14 days, soreness and itching disappeared in 95% of patients and discharge was absent in 64%. The foul odour was not observed in any patient on 14th day of treatment.
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