Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sugar increases stroke risk | Added sugars in diet can increase risk of stroke and diabetes

Processed sugars that are found plentifully in snacks, candy, sodas and baked goods not only increase the risk of diabetes but also the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Sugar is addictive and sweetened foods actually tend to increase hunger. Processed sugars which can also be called simple sugars are absorbed quickly by the body. This raises blood sugar levels and consequently triggers release of insulin. Insulin helps to store sugar into cells which then gets deposited as fat. Insulin also reduces fat utilization.

The increase in fat increases triglyceride and cholesterol levels. People suffering from obesity tend to also be diabetic and have high blood pressure. Some reasons for this is that insulin levels also affect salt and water retention. When refined sugars or simple sugars are consumed, the body quickly absorbs it and important vitamins and minerals are not absorbed. These are instead leached from bones and other organs leading to vitamin deficiency.

Some medications that are prescribed to lower high blood sugar have the adverse effect of depleting coenzyme Q10 or COQ10. This enzyme produced by the liver is actually necessary for converting fat into energy. It also makes heart muscles strong. A similar effect is seen with cholesterol medications such as statins.

It is therefore important to avoid refined sugars. While fruit sugars are natural, processed fruit juice can contain high levels of fructose. It has been seen that the body gets de-sensitized to sugar so the more you consume the more quickly it absorbs it and the more its capacity to absorb. Abstaining from sugary products has the reverse effect. The body will need and crave less sugar.

Exercise is also an important part of metabolizing sugar and burning fat. Once sugar is deposited as fat in the cells, the only way to get rid of it is by exercising. Exercise also suppresses insulin allowing fat to burn.

Herbs such as Gymnema sylvestre and Bitter Melon have been shown to be very efficacious in suppressing sugar cravings and helping to normalize blood sugar levelsBitter Melon for normal blood sugar levels. Gymnema for suppressing sugar cravings

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