Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CAD risk factors | Angina and CAD risk factors

While CAD (Coronary artery disease) or angina can occur even without pre-existing risk factors, the possibility of developing these heart diseases is greater if these risk factors are present. Also knowing these risk factors will help you to modify your lifestyle to prevent future problems.

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The following lifestyle factors can lead to CAD.

1.Lack of exercise
3.A high fat, high cholesterol, high sugar diet including sugary drinks
4.Excessive drinking

Health Conditions
1. High blood pressure
2. High cholesterol and triglycerides
3. Diabetes
4. Obesity
5. Stress
6. Depression
7. Genetic Factors

Men are more likely to develop CAD earlier than women. After menopause a woman’s risk for the disease rises.

Certain Blood Test Results
Some studies have shown a relation between levels of certain amino acids or proteins in the blood and the risk of developing CAD.

1.High levels of homocysteine may indicate an increased risk of CAD.
2.High levels of C-reactive protein are also a risk factor.

Aging increases the risk of CAD and angina. Men older than 45 and women older than 55 (or younger if they have premature menopause) are at greater risk of heart disease.

Ethnic Factors
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Risk of CAD and angina is higher among African Americans, Mexican Americans, American Indians, native Hawaiians, and some Asian Americans

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