Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stay healthy during winter | Lifestyle and food for good health

As winter approaches, we pay a lot of attention to keeping warm.
In addition to bringing out the woollens, staying indoors and keeping out drafts, it is also important to pay attention to what is happening inside our bodies.

The best defense against catching colds, is building up the body's natural immune system.

1. The most important thing you can do to maintain your immune system is to be unstressed, relaxed and happy. Colds are most likely to occur when you have been subjected to stress or have not had good rest. Do whatever is necessary to keep yourself happy. Use distraction such as watching movies and reading, socialization and meditation.

2. Exercise regularly. Walking is said to thwart colds. Even if you can only squeeze in 10-15 minutes a day do it. You can also do the simplest of stretching exercises or yoga at home if it is not possible to exercise outside or go to a gym.

3. Increase your intake of vitamin rich foods. You can get these from fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes. Hearty soups, teas with herbs and spices will help to keep you warm and improve immunity.

4. Ayurvedic herbal blends such as Chyawanprash, Septilin, are tonic, nourishing and vitamin and mineral rich designed to boost the body's defense mechanisms and reduce cell oxidation. Individual herbs such as Vasaka, Tulasi and Turmeric are well known for their properties in preventing respiratory tract problems and other infections.
Septilin builds body's immunity
Chyawanprash for natural immunity

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