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Bitter Melon Health Benefits | Bitter Melon Supplements


Bitter Melon benefits for diabetes and general health

Bitter melon is a green vegetable shaped somewhat like a sausage, with protrusions. Bitter melon has always had a very important place in the Indian diet. It is taken boiled, fried, curried and stuffed. Bitter melon is known to be extremely beneficial in diabetes control and is often prescribed as a herbal alternative to diabetes medication.
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Known as karela in India bitter melon also goes by the names of bitter gourd, balsam pear, sorci, pava-aki, ku gua, pare and peria. Bitter melon's latin name is Momordica charantia. It grows on vines in warm climates and is known for its medicinal properties in almost every place that it is grown.

Apart from being beneficial in type 2 diabetes, bitter melon is also known to be a very good detoxification agent and helps in blood purification and keeping the digestive tract, liver and pancreas healthy. It aids in food absorption and peristaltic movement in the intestines. Due to its cooling effect on the body, bitter melon is made a daily part of the diet during summer in India. It is said to aid in clearing acne and keeping the skin healthy. Recent studies have also shown bitter melon as an aid in combating HIV and cancer.

Bitter melon has no side effects or purchase bitter melon capsulescontraindications. However given its ability to lower blood sugar levels naturally it is best to consult a doctor if additional diabetic medication is being taken.

While it is good to consume bitter melon in a boiled form or to take the juice extract, it is extremely bitter and may be unpalatable to some. Bitter melon is also available as capsules which are more convenient to take and contain the pure extract.

A couple of tasty ways to have bitter melon are as follows:
Thinly slice bitter melon and then deep fry. Serve with rice.

Boil bitter melon, remove the seeds and then mix with boiled potatoes and butter and serve with rice.

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