Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gingivitis herbal remedy bleeding gums

Herbal Remedy for Gingivitis and Bleeding gums

Gingivitis also known as pyorrhea, occurs when the gum tissue gets infected. This leads to inflammation of the gums which can cause bleeding and even lead to peridontitis and eventual tooth and bone loss. You can tell you have gingivitis if your gums are swollen and bleed while brushing ( commonly known as pink toothbrush). Gums can also bleed even if they are not tender. The color of the gums also turns red instead of being pink.

Gingivitis is generally caused by plaque build-up. The longer plaque sits on the teeth and gums, the more the likelihood of it turning to tartar and causing gum infection. Other causes of gingivitis are medicines, poor diet, hormonal changes, medicines, infections and other diseases, smoking, diabetes and a weak immune system.

Herbal dental cream for gingivitisRegular brushing and flossing help to remove plaque and promote oral hygiene. It is also important to visit the dentist for cleanings every 6 months.

Himalaya Dental cream is an ayurvedic herbal remedy that combines several renowned herbs. It is very effective in stopping bleeding of the gums and reduces gum swelling. This herbal toothpaste contains herbs such as Neem, Five-leaved chaste tree, Bishop's weed, pomegranate, toothace tree and gum arabic and several others. It removes bacterial infections, treats gum inflammation, prevents halitosis and promotes overall dental hygiene.

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