Thursday, June 12, 2008

Malabar Nut herbal cold remedy

Malabar Nut - An ayurvedic herb for cold and cough relief

Malabar Nut capsules from Himalaya HerbalsMalabar nut is also known as Vasaka in Sanskrit. Latin name: Adhatoda vasica. It is an age old ayurvedic remedy for respiratory support and relieves cough and cold. Malabar nut is a shrub whose leaves are soaked overnight to form a bitter-tasting decoction. Malabar nut has been used in ayurvedic medicines to treat chest congestion, asthma, chronic cough and bronchitis. The leaves and roots of malabar nut contain alkaloids such as vasicine, vasicinone, vasicinolone and vasicol which have a bronchodilatory effect.

Malabar nut extract is also available in the form of capsules. Himalaya Herbals manufactures 250mg capsules of pure malabar nut extract.

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